Monday, June 2, 2008

Big Update

So, a lot of people have been asking me "Bryan, did you stop eating?" and the answer is no. I have been so lazy lately its awesome. I also really have not been in a writing mood for some reason. Who cares though. I'm just gonna do some quick little reviews of some recent meals I have consumed. I'm high.

So this bullet sitting above this text is from some place here in Burbank called Santaros or some shit. I love a good hoagie for lunch and this one definitely hit the spot. I got the roasted turkey breast with provolone. I wish this sandwitch was with me right now. Id love to take a bite out of it for sure.

This little guy is the new chicken torta from El Pollo Loco. I fucking love EPL. You cant fuck with a 2 piece meal with two breasts and a side of spanish rice and a side of corn. This new sandwich features a marinated chicken breast with guacamole in between some authentic (yeah, ok) mexican english muffin contraption.

Hello mouth, I am the McSkillet burrito from McDonalds, please let me in. Ok come on in lil breakfast burrito. YUMMMMMMMMMM FAUCK. My taste buds are trying to trick my brain into getting up right now and making an attempt at purchasing this fake ass yet delicious break burit. This thing usually comes with that horrible sausage patty thing. Replace that with bacon for added flavors.

Yeah, so Ive been eating a ton of sandwiches lately. One of the better ones Ive had was from Jersey Mikes. Apparently this faggot Mike is super pushy and insists you get his sandos "Mikes Way". If you try to get another way the middle aged man that only works there as some sort of parole work release kinda thing pressures you into changing your mind and getting it "Mikes Way". That whole last part I just typed is a huge exageration. Infact it might even be a bold face lie. At this point Im only typing because the sound its making is amusing me. I think this sandwich is roast beef with bacon. Put bacon on bacon. Bacon squared. So tasty.

This here is a Burrito Bol from Chipotle. Why the fuck do they have to not use the W in the spelling of Bowl? Fuck you Chiptole. FUCK YOU. This tasty treat has some steaks in it. Some corn. Some rice. The standard shit. It was delicious.

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fuck bol