Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Philly's Best

Today's entry is dedicated to the delicious sandwich known as the philly cheesesteak. I woke up later then usual due to my shift being switched and thus woke up even hungrier then usual. The second I got to work all I could think of was what the hell am I going to eat today (as always). John decided to go to Philly's Best and I for one was all for it.
We first started going to Philly's Best after reading several good reviews online. I usually read online reviews of places with a huge grain of salt. Go read any review on Yelp.com and you will find dozens of faggots that cry about shit like how a dish is plated or that a place sucks because its crowded (a ton of people in there usually means its good, retards). All I care about is how the food tastes and if I can get the meal for a reasonable price. This place delivers on both fronts.
Today I ordered the Pepper Steak sandwich with provolone and grilled onions. I feel the bread on any sandwich can really make or break it and thats one of the reasons of I love Philly's Best. The sandwich comes on some sort of authentic Philladelphia imported roll that really holds its own against the other flavors. Another thing I love about this sandwich is the contrasting flavors of the sweet peppers vs. the savory shredded rib eye steak. The meat at this place is really the backbone of the sandwich. Its so tender and juicy and I have never bit into any of those had grissly pieces that you sometimes find hiding amongst the meat, just waiting to ruin your lunch.
Now on to the cheese. I have never been to Philly. I have never been to Pat's or Gino's or any other of the famous places, but I have heard that only acceptable way to get a cheesesteak is with wiz. Now if you ask me Id say that is complete and utter bullshit. Fuck any place that claims processed shit that comes out of a spray can is something that belongs on a sandwich. I ordered my sandwich with provolone like any smart person would (even though they do offer the aforementioned wiz and several other cheeses). The cheese on that sandwich is such a great sidekick to the delicious meat. If the rib eye was Michael Jordan the Provolone would definitely be Scotty Pippen.
In conclusion,
If you find yourself near any Philly's Best location I highly recommend you stop in and try a sandwich. You will not be sorry.


Anonymous said...

that sounds bomb. i didnt know muthafuckas use cheese wiz.

Avery & Carrie said...

bring me this when you venture to the great nw.