Thursday, May 15, 2008


Good ol Mcdonalds. Reliable Mcdonalds. Mcdonalds is the rock, the foundation if you will of the fast food world. Its the safe harbor in the storm of Yoshinoyas and Papoos Hot Dog Shows. This is of course only counting breakfast items. Everything not called a Bacon Egg & Cheese Biscuit, a hash brown, and an iced tea gives me the worst bubble gut and subsequent shits. Ive given up on pretty much everything other then the breakfast and the occasional reefer induced impulse Chicken McNugget purchase (which still fucks my stomach up for hours...4:20 to be exact bro).

My boss at work has been getting us breakfast every morning from Mcdonalds for the past week. There is nothing better then getting to save money and eat a delicious fast food meal right when I wake up. Plus it keeps me full enough that I dont get tempted to spend a shitload of money on my lunch. Eating is truely the highligh of my day when Im at work.

So on to the foods. The B.E.&C.B is by far my favorite breakfast sando (fuck you Patrick) at Mcdonalds. There really is nothing better then getting half your daily values in saturated fat and 80% of your daily values in Cholesterol in one convenient little sandwich. I think its been proven by like a lot of scientists that you could wrap a log of dog shit with bacon and melt some (god bless)American cheese and it would still taste amazing. Add a delicious hash brown (8% daily value of cholesterol, bringing the total of this meal to 88% of what you need in a day.) and this is now a meal fit for the gods. Im also pretty sure that the Mcdonalds hash brown has one of the best consistencies of any food I eat.

So in conclusion, If youre hungry, hungover as fuck, or just looking to eat a meal that will shave a couple days off your life, come to Mcdonalds and eat the fuck outta a breakfast meal. It makes everything you do after so much better. You'll probably get that promotion you've been working for, get laid, and see an elderly midget (I couldnt think of any other awesome event.)


Anonymous said...

Lolz @ elderly midget

Justine said...

Great post Bryan. I think I'll go eat a McDonald's breakfast and see an elderly midget now. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

glad to see the underappreciated mcdonalds breakfast meal showcased in such a manner.

tiggles said...

you are going to die.