Monday, May 12, 2008

Elephant Bar

So, its been a minute since I made a update, but I didn't forget about this blog. Just was not in the writing mood. I'm back now and once again ready to share what I've been eating lately.

Today I had the "Pan Asian Chicken Skewers" from Elephant Bar. According to Pan-Asianism is "an ideology that Asian countries and peoples share similar values and similar histories and should be united politically or culturally". What the fuck does that have to do with 3 sticks with some grilled chicken on em and a bowl of soup with some vegetables? One thing I hate about restaurants with themes is the name of dishes. You go to a Red Robbin and have to force yourself to look like a complete tool by ordering "Clucks and Fries". Why the fuck cant I just say chicken strips? I understand that it adds to the theme, but the people running these places should know it also adds to me wanting to stab the waiters in the face.

With that little tangent out of the way let me tell you, this shit was delicious. My Mom and Step dad got me this little credit card looking thing called Marvelous Meals. Its a gift card to Elephant Bar, Ruby's Diner, and Claim Jumper. It had $100 bucks on it so I've been eating a shitload of Elephant Bar. I had never tried this dish, but I felt like eating light and this sounded perfect. I need to start trying to eat a little better seeing as I've probably put on 15 pounds in the last year.

I think that grilled chicken might be the perfect food. I like nothing more than good piece of grilled white meat with some sort of marinade. These skewers tasted as though they had a light teriyaki marinade and also had white and black sesame seeds all over em. I'm guessing it comes with the noodles as a nod to the noodle shops that line cities in the far east. I'm guessing because the farthest east I've ever been is Highland Park, New Jersey and everything I know about Asia I've learned from Jackie Chan movies. The noodles were in a semi salty broth and it was filled with steamed vegetables and mushrooms. I only wish it looked as good as it looked in picture in the menu, but once again, I don't care what the food looks like, I want it to taste good.

Menu Picture.

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