Monday, May 5, 2008

Daphnes Greek Cafe

So this is my first post of many on this blog. Im going to use this blog to document all the (hopefully) delicious food items that I eat on a daily basis. Today I tried for the first time Daphnes Greek Cafe. I had always talked shit about this place for being for greek food what Taco Bell is for mexican, but I was hungry and my friend John was going there so I decided to give it a shot. I looked at the menu and decided on the #4 lunch special. It contained one chicken kabob, rice pilaf, a greek salad, and pita bread. I dug into the salad first and was pleasently suprised but the mashed olives and whatever vinegrette was on top. It was very much into it. Next I was onto the rice pilaf and kabob. Im not really sure what made the rice pilaf greek. It was a little bland,
but it was good none the less. The kabob was kinda small, but at this point I wasnt all that hungry so it was fine. The chicken was pretty good for a fast food place and the little onions and peppers were a nice touch. The platter came with some sort of creamy sauce that supposedly was cucumber sauce, but it kinda just tasted like yogurt. Im not familiar with greek cuisine so maybe thats how it was supposed to taste.
All in all I'd have to say it was a pretty good lunch. If you're looking for authentic greek food this isnt your place, but for a quick lunch thats not a hamburger its a nice change of pace.

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Anonymous said...

yeah that sauce is made of yogurt.

this blog is dope.